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Finish Pretentation Unit 1 - 6

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Good Morning, My name is Nelson Delpino I’ am 23 years old, I’m Student Industrial’s relation. My sport is football, because is interesting and I practice this sport in the football field in the Barcelona’s game they sell hamburgers, hot dogs and chips, of course they also sell of ther food, Last week a Barcelona’s football player was robbed while he was in the hotel, commonly Barcelona’s wining are very high, they have games winning to Real Madrid Their Rivals, Barcelona is a big city , they like football very, they usually travel with the team to another city to watch their games , Many players from Barcelona’s football team had gone to a university to study several careers.
I have learned a lot in this English 5 specially grammatical structures, pronountiaton as well as new vocabulary and entonation.

University Comparative


              I think that Urbe is bigger and unviverity than Santiago Mariño because Urbe is a international university and the strutures are more confortable than Santiago Mariño.                                                

Thanks To Life

   My parents and other member of my family for all the help that I recived from them and filfilled all my goals.


NAME: Nelson J Delpino V

BIRTHDAY: december 14, 1986

MY SCHOOLING:I studied in a public high school. “Julia Añez Gabaldon" is the largest high school in my hometown. Now I'm in the fifth quarter. I study Industrial Relation's at URBE.

HOBBIES: I'm playing football soccer and listening music.

PERSONALITY: I am a very tranquil and good person, impulsive and I like aventure.

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Legend of the Loorrona

Venezuela knows  the Legend of the Loorrona, legend has it that roka is the soul at very young woman that he loves with a soldier penalty. These loves became pregmant with a child, to which she gave birth. Soldier left her and she had no idea how raising an infant, desperate to crying girl, killed it with his own hands.she ran towards the plain and became horror. Always crying and when it enters the villages say called his daughter.